Classical dermatological examinations, observations and treatments are carried out by our experienced medical team with new technologic methods at the dermatology department of our Hospital.  Furthermore, advanced level medical and dermatologic surgery attempts are available. Skin cancer, fungal, acne treatment, allergic eczema and freckles are in our area of expertise. Observations on following diseases are carried out in our hospital:

  • Skin Cancer
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Hair and Nail diseases
  • Fungal diseases
  • Syph, chlamydia diseases
  • Birthmark
  • Lipsotrichia
  • Medicine Allergy
  • Adolesence acne
  • Genetic skin diseases
  • Health Skin treatment
  • Greasy Skin, dandruff and acne treatment
  • Hirsutism treatment
  • Allergic diseases
  • Cosmetic Applications : Botox, Peeling (EpiRoller)